My Vote, Our Future Organizers at the March in March (Sacramento)

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My Vote, Our Future Organizers  at the March in March (Sacramento)

March 5, 2012, saw over 10,000 students in the University of California, California State University, and Community College systems in California turn out to protest tuition hikes in Sacramento.

The cost of tuition at a UC has risen over the past five years so in 2012-2013 it’ll be 84% higher than what it cost in 2007-2008.

Last minute tuition increases — for 2011-2012, one came in September of 2011, well after anyone could plan for the extra money — on top of summer increases rankle parents trying to budget for their sons and daughters’ higher education.

The length of time it takes to complete a degree has increased, because the classes a student needs to graduate are understaffed due to faculty cuts or lack of funds to hire enough teachers. Oversubscribed classes mean students have to wait a semester or two, pushing back the amount of time it takes to complete a required sequence.

Deeply disgruntled

There are plenty of good reasons to feel passionate about the need for change. For years, California was the golden state and a middle class kid could easily go to one of the state colleges or universities so long as her grades were good. But now it feels like those opportunities are slipping away — and with them, the dreams and aspirations of so many of California’s young people.

So no matter what you think the solution to budget cuts and the state’s funding of higher ed should be, it’s clear that solutions will have to come out of the state legislature.

Will you be there with your voice and your vote? What will you say to make yourself heard?

That’s why My Vote, Our Voice exists — to make sure you seize the means in our democratic government to bring about solutions. What are some of yours?

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